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Aneros Sessions 4.2 fluid ounces Gel from Aneros Toys. Never sticky or pasty. Water based personal lubricant. Glycerin free and paraben free. Hypoallergenic and paraben free. Latex, rubber and plastic compatible. Compatible with Sicicone friendly. Never sticky or tacky. Our favorite gel formula, thick personal lubricant! Aneros Sessions Gel Lubricant is packaged to be a sleek pairing with your favorite Aneros prostate product! This is a water based lubricant that is thicker than most standard water based lubes. It’s made by Sliquid so you can trust that its a safe, natural lubricant with good for you ingredients that is safe for all bodies but especially for sensitive bodies and sensitive skin. Why a thick lubricated gel? Well, it stays in place really nicely when you squirt it on toys or penises, and does not run down the sides immediately. It also provides added cushion for sensitive body tissues during friction or rougher play. The thickness of this lube makes it one of the best water based lubricants for anal sex. Do not worry, it can be used for all types of sex play too. Added bonus it has virtually no taste or smell. Categories: Anal Toys, Erotic Body Lotions, Gels, Anal Lubes, Lotions, Sprays and Creams, Health and Beauty Aids. 2024.

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