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Feel confident and prepared for a hot night exploring your booty! This enema syringe holds up to 300 ml of liquid so you can fully clean out your backdoor and feel fresh before you play! The polypropylene syringe can easily be filled with any liquid of your choosing and has clear markings so you know exactly what amount of liquid you`re taking in. With a tapered tip, ion is easy. You can also use the silicone tube to help suck up any liquid from another source and keep cross-contaminants at a minimum. Perfect for medical play scenes, you or your partner can play doctor and enjoy this sexy way of conducting an at-home examination! Clean the tube and syringe after use by washing with warm water and mild soap. This large syringe filled ready to squirt into your rear, the full feeling of getting your backdoor filled with 300ml, and the fresh feeling of releasing it all after you`ve held it in! This sexy syringe is great for medical roleplay or for a thorough and precise enema experience! Want to know exactly how much of a liquid is going inside your porous colon? Measure it out easily and then slip the tip inside and squirt it out! Reuse again and again solo or with a partner! Measurements: Syringe: 10 inches length, 2.1 inches width, holds up to 300 ml of liquid.Tube: 16.25 inches length, 0.4 inches width. Materials: Polypropylene, silicone (tube) Color: ClearKey Features:Medical Play: Perfect for doctor-patient scenes and medical fetishes!Tapered Tip and Tube: Easily the tapered tip of the syringe to push any liquids inside your backdoor. Fill the syringe more easily by attaching the silicone tube letting it snake into any smaller bottle or container.Body-Safe Materials: The polypropylene syringe and the silicone tube are phthalate-free and body-safe. Use only with water-based lubricants.Holds up to 550ml: Take a massive amount of fluid and know exactly how much is going inside with the measurements listed on the side of the syringe!

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