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Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Roller Ball G-Spot Turbo Plum Vibrator. Pro Sensual Series Roller Touch G-Spot Tri-Function Roller Ball Tip Turbo Orgasm Function. The roller ball located in the tip creates a back and forth motion that massages the G-Spot with just the right amount of pressure. The Roller Touch also features a Turbo Orgasm mode, where a simple double click of a button will turn the vibrations up to the highest speed. Features for the Roller Ball Tip for G-Spot Stimulation with 3 speeds and 9 vibration patterns. Ergonomic curve for pinpoint stimulation. Turbo Orgasm Button. Plus a Rosy Gold ergonomic open handle. User manual below: Roller Touch for G-Spot stimulation: turning the Roller Touch On/Off: press and hold the center button. The button will glow red indicating the Roller Touch is in standby mode. To turn the Roller Touch off, press and hold the center button until the light goes off. How to cycle the vibration patterns: the bottom button on the handle operates the vibration settings. After the Roller Touch is in standby mode, one click of the button will turn on the vibrations at the lowest speed. To cycle through the vibration functions, just continue to click the button until the desired speed and/or pattern is reached. To turn off the vibration function, press and hold the button until the vibrations stop. How to activate the turbo orgasm feature: to engage the Turbo Orgasm feature, double click the vibration button. The Roller Touch will jump to the highest setting. To disengage the Turbo feature, just click the button once and the Roller Touch will return to low speed. How to operate the Roller Ball function: the top most button on the handle controls the roller ball functions. Like the vibration settings, just click this button once to turn on the roller ball. To cycle through the different functions, continue to click the button until the desired pattern is reached. To turn the Roller Ball function off, press and hold the button till the roller ball stops moving and the light turns off. Both the Roller Ball and Vibration functions feature 3 speeds and 9 patterns. MAPs price $99.95.

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