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MICRO IS HERE. At almost half the size of The Vice Mini, this tiny cage measures in at 0.98? (25 mm)! Is The Vice Mini too big for you? Are you looking to squeeze that micro-penis into an even smaller cage with no chance of getting an erection at all? Well The Vice Micro is the answer to your… frustration. This tiny cage will give you the ultimate denial experience, denying you the ability to even “swell up” inside of your cage. While The Vice Micro is not compatible with The Vice Anti-pullout system, The Model Z Spacer is included, allowing you to go down to only 28 mm (1.1?) total length! The Vice Micro also includes several ring and spacer sizes to offer personalized customization for maximum comfort and security. It’s time to enjoy a Micro chastity cage to give that sissy clitty what it truly craves, pure denial!


Locked in Lust


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