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Train your booty to take larger and wider penetration with this Stainless Steel Anal Explorer! This expanding toy has a plug that dilates from 1.6 inches to 3.8 inches in diameter! Enjoy how the cold, hard steel feels inside you or warm it up with a little hot water and introduce temperature play. The smooth stainless steel is nickel-free, body-safe and easy to clean. Use with any lubricant type and stretch open that hole! The tapered tip of the plug makes ion easy. Once inside, turn the screws to start to stretch the backdoor entry as the plug separates in three separate parts. Take your time so you don`t tear anything! This is for extreme anal lovers but anyone can enjoy the pleasures of widening their backdoor! It`s perfect for training for fisting, too! The center ring is big enough for most fits to reach through, so you can stretch open the hole in preparation and then slowly bring a hand inside! Comes with 6 silicone o-rings that wrap around the plug as it pulls apart. To clean, use an isopropyl alcohol and water solution, boil in hot water after use, or use warm water and mild soap then spray with a toy cleaner. Have your partner grab plenty of their favorite, long-lasting, body-safe lube and the toy. Make sure it is clean and doesn`t have any rough surfaces. The toy should be completely smooth. Then slowly slide it inside while the plug is together on the smallest setting. Once your partner gets used to that feeling, slowly turn each of the wingnuts so that the screws pull the plug apart. Take your time and let it be a fun, pleasurable and enjoyable scene. See how far you can get, but don`t force it or rush it! Once you`re ready to end the session, slowly bring the plug back to the smallest setting and then remove it. Be sure to clean it soon after removal. Measurements: Insertable length: 3 inches.Plug expands from 1.6 inches to 3.8 inches in diameter.Center ring inner diameter: 4.2 inches. Materials: Stainless steel, silicone (O-rings) Color: Metal Key Features:Anal Expander: This plug expands from 1.6 inches to 3.8 inches in diameter! You can expand your backdoor with the assistance of this expander!Tapered Plug: The tapered tip and smooth metal makes ion easy. Use any lubricant for assistance.Large Enough for Fisting: The center ring is big enough for fisting. Includes 6 silicone o-rings.Nickel Free Steel: This stainless steel is nickel-free, body-safe, and easy to clean.

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