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Made out of durable, solid, sturdy iron metal and wood, this bondage chair is perfect for submissives and bottoms that like to stretch out and hold poses that are a little more open. Designed to be able to handle up to 330 lbs of weight, this chair has adjustable leg positions that can adjust the width and height of the legs and a backrest that can take your submissive from sitting to lying back completely horizontal. The plush, faux leather pads provide comfort and cushion for the one laying back or kneeling on the backrest or leg pads. Enjoy it both facing forward or towards the back to open up a variety of positions for you and your partner! Use the crank to widen or close the width of the leg supports. Lift the calf rests high to put their legs up in the air and get deeper penetration and easy access to their G-spot, A-spot or P-spot! Turn them around and have their back to you so you can pound them or peg them from behind! Play with them while on their back or while they are kneeling, sitting up or folded up with legs in the air! The nylon straps and plastic buckles cross their thighs, calves, belly and chest and have easy-release functions so it’s easy to get your partner out of any uncomfortable or intense scenes when necessary. Use the two D-rings located on the upper back of the backrest and attach wrist cuffs to keep your partner’s hands bound behind them, or use them to hang toys or tools off of with the help of a clip or carabiner. Take your play to the next level by combining this with the Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine (AF584) so you or your partner can get pounded by a powerful dildo that is remote controlled! This chair creates lots of different opportunities for switching positions and offers ergonomic solutions for those who want to keep on playing longer and longer without discomfort! When you’re ready to clean the chair, spray toy cleaner or mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol on the pads and metal and wipe clean with a soft cloth. After discussing your scene and agreeing what kinks, fetishes and toys will be explored, strap your submissive or partner into the chair using the buckles. Adjust the backrest so they’re comfortable, then use the crank to widen their legs so you have easy access. Lift up their legs if they are open to that, too. You can easily adjust height or width at any time. Grab a chair or kneel and start licking their pussy or sucking their cock to warm them up. This is made even better if their hands are cuffed behind their head! You can also add a ballgag to their mouth, nipple clamps to their nipples, and even a blindfold to enhance every other sensation you’re giving them. Take a vibrating wand and place it against their sensitive member, adding intensity to their pleasure and even forcing an orgasm! If you want to, you can add sensation play tools like vampire gloves, Wartenberg wheels or electrostim. Enjoy inserting yourself while they’re in this position, or release them and peg or pound them doggy style! To flip them over, unbuckle them first and lower the calf rests down to the same level as the thigh rests. Then have them kneel on the thigh rests and place their hands on the backrest. You can still strap their calves and ankles in to keep their legs in place. Then enjoy pegging or pounding them from behind! After you’re done playing, you can also lower the chair into a table and switch from play to after care by removing the buckles, covering them in warm blankets and giving them water they can drink from a straw. Measurements: Overall: 66.5 inches Length x 21.5 inches Width x 57 inches Height. Torso pad: 31 inches Length x 9.5 inches Width. Seat pad: 22 inches Length x 9.5 inches Width. Leg rests: 11 inches L x 8 inches Width. Max weight limit: 330 lbs Materials: Iron, wood, foam, PVC leather, nylon, ABS plastic Color: Black

Weight 120,26 kg


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