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I walk into the room, it is dimly lit. Sir is nowhere to be seen, but I can feel him watching me silently…Turn around, put your hands to your sides, and close your eyes…he says. I do what I am told as he places a soft leather blindfold over my eyes. Everything goes dark, leaving me supremely vulnerable to him. I reach to touch the blindfold. It is shaped perfectly for my face, and quite comfortable. I can feel the Velcro connecting it in the back. Sir then takes my hand, kissing it gently, and guides me to the bed…Onyx Leather Blindfold is padded and lined with soft fabric. Its Velcro closure allows for a perfect fit every time. Measurements:25.5 inches in total length, 2.25 inches in width. Material: Leather, neoprene, Velcro. Color: Black

Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 25,5 cm




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