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There are plenty of unique features to enjoy about this Pari Dual Ended Wavy Silicone and Glass Vibrator! Plush, silicone vibrators are some of the sexiest on the market, but glass dildos are a favorite for penetration. Combine both glass and silicone for the best of both worlds! The materials alone aren`t the sexiest thing about this unique toy, however. The silky smooth, premium silicone makes up one side of the vibe while the strong and smooth glass makes up the other end. The wavy ends are slightly different and allow you to penetrate yourself and massage every angle of your soft, wet, insides! Use the angle to apply more pressure with less work. Get at your G-spot and even your back wall with plush silicone or smooth glass! Enjoy feeling the buzzing vibration through the core of both with 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration to enjoy! Notice the subtle differences between silicone and glass as the vibration comes through both ends in different ways. Made out of borosilicate glass, this end is non-porous, durable and super smooth. The plush silicone end is phthalate-free and body-safe when used with water-based lubricants. To recharge, plug in the USB cable included. Rated as IPX6 waterproof, you can expose this to strong water jets in a shower but it should not be submerged under water. Wash with warm water and mild soap after each use and then rinse and spray with a toy cleaner before wiping dry and storing in a cool, dark place. Slip some lube on the tips of this toy and then use the rest on yourself. As you slip the glass end in, enjoy how smoothly the glass glides against your skin. Rub it over your little pearl and massage yourself to an aroused state. Switch sides and notice the slightly more grippy feel of the plush silicone as it both massages and penetrates you! Use this slender vibe alone or with a lover. Built small and compact, it`s perfect as a travel toy, too! Measurements: Overall length: 8 inches. Widest diameter at silicone end: 1.5 inches. Widest diameter at glass end: 1.3 inches. Materials: Borosilicate glass, silicone, ABS plastic, metal Color: Purple Note: Only use with water-based lubricants for best results. Comes with a protective pouch to slip the vibrator in when not in use. Key Features: Unique Dual-Ended Wavy Vibrator: Slip the silicone or glass end into your body and enjoy two types of penetrative pleasure! Designed with curved, wavy ends, these dual ends help give you unique angles so you can apply pressure and really get at your G-spot for fully satisfying penetration! Press the button to switch between 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration! Borosilicate Glass: This strong, sleek glass is durable and non-porous. Made out of the same glass that is commonly used in cookware, borosilicate is strong and can handle temperature changes. Premium Silicone: Silky smooth, plush and body-safe, this phthalate-free premium silicone makes up the other half of this dual ended vibrator. Waterproof and Rechargeable: Rated as IPX6 waterproof, this toy can handle strong water jets but should not be submerged under water.

Weight 0,75 kg
Dimensions 8 cm


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