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Wrap your goods in something good with this sucking masturbator! The soft, stretchy TPE sleeve is ribbed on the inside so every stroke and suck is enhanced! Choose between 2 different ends; a spiral groove or a layered ribbing! Really send your pleasure through the roof when you choose between 4 different suction modes that will blow your mind before blowing your load! Intensify your sensations even more by slipping a small, bullet vibrator into the sleeve, too! The sleeve is bullet vibe compatible for customizing your pleasure. The hard, plastic case makes it easy to grip and protects the sleeve when not in use from dust and debris. Simply remove the suction end and place both caps on. Cleaning up is super easy, as well! Both end-caps are removable and the suction end comes off so you can simply rinse with warm water and soap to get it completely clean and then let it air dry. Your toy is charged, your lube is in hand, and you’ve found somewhere quiet to finally relax. You take the toy and remove the caps. You decide you’ll try out the spiral end this time and attach the suction end to it. You get your rod nice and slick with lube, warming yourself up and eager to try out the toy. Then you slide it inside. The inner tunnel feels so good! You take your rod out and squirt some more lube inside the toy, then put it back again. The lube is a little cool but warms up quickly as you stroke, the tight tunnel gripping and massaging the head of your shaft. Then you turn on the toy and your eyes roll back into your head. You groan in pleasure, the suction doing its job of milking you and pulling you inside! Before you know it you’re spilling your seed and gasping! Measurements : Case: 6.1 inches Length x 2.9 inches Width. Case with sucking attachment: 7.6 inches Length x 2.9 inches Width. Insertion depth: 4.5 inches. Materials : Masturbator: TPE Case: ABS plastic Color : Black, clear Note : Use only with water based lubricants for best results.

Weight 1,45 kg
Dimensions 6,1 cm




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